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Mt. Airy Composite Squadron cadets embrace new challenges

July 4, 2018 — MOUNT AIRY, Md. – Cadets from the Mount Airy Composite Squadron, a unit of the Maryland Wing, Civil Air Patrol, proudly display a “can do” attitude and commitment to excellence. Following the cadet program mission to transform youth into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders, our cadets are young leaders-in-training who think seriously about their futures. This summer will be a busy one for Mt. Airy cadets as they participate in various special activities designed to enhance their skills and provide opportunities to excel in achievement.

Mt Airy cadets Cadet Master Sgt. Katherine Grasley, Cadet Technical Sgt. Dylan Marty, and Cadet Sr. Airmen Dimitry Madsen and Conner Snyder will begin their leadership journey as they participate in the West Virginia Wing, Encampment. Cadet Master Sgt. Jackson Curtis will also journey to this encampment as a cadet cadre staff leader. Encampment is a full immersion, military-style, training environment that inspires cadets to develop leadership skills, learn aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise and solidify their moral character. It is an intensive environment that challenges cadets to move beyond their normal comfort zones and fosters personal growth.  Cadets are provided opportunities to participate in team building exercises, orientation flights, leadership courses and emergency services training. Cadets must attend an encampment to qualify for access to CAP’s national cadet special activities (NCSA) programs.

Beyond the core CAP cadet program curriculum, cadets have opportunities to follow their own interests and explore potential careers. The higher a cadet advances in cadet grade, the greater breadth of opportunities become available. NCSA programs are national programs that cadets qualify for through a nationwide selection process. NCSAs provide cadets with hands-on experience, opportunities to develop and practice skills under the guidance of experienced CAP senior members and certified pilot instructors. This summer several Mt. Airy cadets were selected for NCSA participation. Cadet Maj. Daniel Flanick and Cadet Master Sgt. Grasley will attend Regional Cadet Leadership School (RCLS).

Having already attended a RCLS, Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Aurora Albertson will attend the Model Aircraft and Remote-Control Flight Academy and the Hawk Mountain Search and Rescue School. Cadet 1st Lt. Raegan Buzzard will attend both the NFA-Great Lakes Region Powered Flight Academy and the Cyber Defense Training Academy. Buzzard previously attended RCLS and Hot Air Balloon Academy last summer and the Civic Leadership Academy earlier this spring. Cadets advance their level of experience, embrace new challenges and in many instances, establish their life-long career goals by progressing through the CAP cadet program and taking advantage of the many programs offered through CAP NCSAs.

Mount Airy Composite Squadron is comprised of both senior and youth programs whose members are drawn from Carroll, Frederick, Howard and Montgomery counties. The squadron meets Thursday nights, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., at Mt. Airy Veterans of Foreign War, Post 10076, 107 S. Main, Mt. Airy, Maryland. Have a passion for aviation, dream of flight, are considering a career in the military? Want to serve your community and enhance your leadership skills? Join us. Youths, ages 12 to 18, parents and adults interested in the cadet or senior program are always welcome to drop in. For more information, contact Capt. Laura Smith-Velazquez, commander, at Follow Mt. Airy squadron on Facebook at

Nearly 1,500 CAP members serve in Maryland. Last year wing members flew 13 search and rescue missions. The wing was credited with four finds. Maryland Wing flew 32 missions for the State of Maryland. Members flew 2,245 hours in all mission categories. Volunteers contributed services estimated at $4.6 million. For more information, contact the Maryland Wing at or follow the wing on Facebook at

Civil Air Patrol, the longtime all-volunteer U.S. Air Force auxiliary, is the newest member of the Air Force’s Total Force. In this role, CAP operates a fleet of 560 aircraft, performs about 90 percent of continental U.S. inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and is credited by the AFRCC with saving an average of 80 lives annually. CAP’s 60,000 members also perform homeland security, disaster relief and drug interdiction missions at the request of federal, state and local agencies. In addition, CAP plays a leading role in aerospace/STEM education, and its members serve as mentors to over 25,000 young people participating in CAP’s Cadet Programs. Visit or for more information.


Photo:  (​L-R) Cadets Conner Snyder, Katherine Grasley, Dimitry Madsen, and Dylan Marty will participate in some of the many activities and educational opportunities provided to cadets through the CAP encampments programs and NCSAs.  (Photo credit: 1st Lt. Mary Alvarado, CAP)

Article by:
1st Lt. Mary Alvarado, CAP
Public Affairs Officer, Mt. Airy Composite Squadron


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