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FEMA G-0290 Public Information Officer Course

Civil Air Patrol and the NESA Mobile Training Team is coming to the Mid-Atlantic Region to offer a FEMA G290: Basic Public Information Officer course for Civil Air Patrol members. The course will be hosted by Virginia Wing and conducted at their Headquarters located at 7401 Airfield Drive Richmond VA 23237. The deadline to register for this course is 5 Jan 2020. A limited number of seats are available for this class, so sign up today to secure your spot for this highly sought after Public Affairs course. Please see more information below for this course.

Civil Air Patrol and NESA Mobile Training Team G290 Basic Public Information Officer course

When: 8-9 Feb 2020

Where: VA Wing Headquarters, 7401 Airfield Drive Richmond, Va 23237 

Time: 8am Sat. Feb 8, 2020-Sun. Feb 9, 2020 5pm

UOD: CAP Corporate Polo, gray slacks

Course Director: 1st Lt Nancy Flanagan, CAP

Instructors: CAP National Public Affairs Education and Training Coordinator, Lt Col Brenda Reed and CAP National Public Affairs Manager, Lt Col Steven Solomon.

·      FEMA Independent Study course IS-29 (PIO awareness) -or- G289 (instructor led PIO awareness) is a mandatory prerequisite for this class. A revision of the Independent Study version, IS-29 was just released on 5 August 2019, and is highly recommended.

·      Introductory ICS Independent Study courses IS-100, IS-200, and IS-700 is strongly recommended by FEMA.

·      This two-day course will consider the value of communication before, during and after an incident. It will help public information officers (PIOs) identify critical audiences, both internal and external. It will also equip participants with the basic skills needed to be full- or part-time PIOs such as oral and written communications, understanding and working with the media, and basic tools and techniques needed to perform effectively. It will also help non-PIOs in other ICS positions (incident commander, branch chief, safety officer, etc.) expand their knowledge and experience. Students do NOT need to be a public affairs officer or a PIO to attend this course.

·      This course is for CAP senior members interested in pursuing their PIO qualification or CAP senior members with other ICS qualifications interested in broadening their knowledge and experience. Select cadets who are interested in pursuing the PIO qualification and meet the prerequisites are encouraged to sign up as well.

·      All prerequisites must be completed prior to attending the G290 course.

The cost of the course is FREE and includes an emailed electronic student manual. Coffee and light refreshments will be served both days. Travel, lodging and meals are at member expense. For lodging recommendations in the Chesterfield/Richmond area, contact the course coordinator, 1st Lt Nancy Flanagan (

If you are interested in participating in this course please send an email to 1st Lt Nancy Flanagan ( before 5 Jan 2020 and indicate and include your interest, CAP ID, Wing/Squadron name, your email address and a good contact phone number. One week prior to the class, an electronic copy of course materials will be sent out.

 Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

·      Explain why emergency public information is important during an incident. (Unit 1)

·      Recognize the functional needs and challenges of different audiences. (Unit 1)

·      Demonstrate the role and function of the PIO in both day-to-day and emergency environments. (Unit 2)

·      Compare actions PIOs can take to work with the news media during day-to-day and emergency situations. (Unit 2)

·      Using the strategic communications planning model, develop a public awareness campaign (95%). (Unit 3)

·      Using the strategic communications planning model, develop an incident communications strategy (5%). (Unit 3)

·      Explain the news briefing cycle. (Unit 4)

·      Outline media needs at the scene. (Unit 4)

·      Describe the difference between media briefings and press conferences. (Unit 4)

·      Describe different public information written products. (Unit 5)

·      Apply effective news release writing guidance. (Unit 5)

·      Adapt or re-purpose written media products for other purposes. (Unit 5)

·      Describe what types of impressions specific body language might convey during an interview. (Unit 6)

·      Identify elements of an interview the PIO should consider ahead of time. (Unit 6)

·      Identify steps a PIO needs to take to prepare for and conduct a news interview. (Unit 6)

·      Demonstrate effective techniques for on-camera interviews. (Unit 6)

·      Given an emergency scenario, apply public information skills. (Unit 7)

·      Recall course key points. (Unit 8)

This is a National level course offered on a regional basis. Reserve your spot today! The deadline to sign up for the G290 PIO course is 5 Jan 2020.

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