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National Memorial Day Parade

Return to this site for details on the next National Memorial Day Parade in May 2019!

Below is general information related to the annual event:

National Memorial Day Parade
Washington, D.C.

Thank you for participating in the National Memorial Day Parade. I hope you enjoy yourself while displaying our commitment to service and support of our military. With our numbers and with your smiles and professional behavior you will certainly bring favorable attention on Civil Air Patrol, your unit, and yourselves. The world is watching. Be sharp!

The preferred uniform of the day is Air Force short sleeve blue shirt without tie. The CAP corporate aviator shirt – gray slacks combination is acceptable. We understand that some cadets do not have “Blues,” so BDUs and ABUs are authorized. We will match the duty assignments with those in the appropriate uniform. Sorry, no polo shirts or flight suits.

Parking will be limited. We have been advised to park with the buses near Independence and 7th Street. We expect to have parking passes for CAP vans and a few other vehicles. At some point it is possible that even the designated parking areas will be full. At that point you are on your own. It is not a normal workday so there are garages and lots that could have space.
NOTE: The DC District Department of Transportation does not require parking meter fares on federal holidays. The closest metro stop is Archives/Navy Memorial on the green line.

Arrival Briefing at 0930:
Assemble at Madison and 7th Streets, on the mall across from the National Gallery of Art, no later than 0930. We will have sign‐in sheets and will provide a brief introduction to the events of the day. Duty assignments for the day will be made following this briefing. Please be present and prompt.

Safety Briefing:
1. Cadet protection:  Remember to buddy‐up, the “wingman” concept is in full force for this event. If you are alone… you are in the wrong place! ABSOLUTELY NO HORSEPLAY! If you see it, report it to the nearest senior member.
2. Sunburn:  The forecast is typically temperatures in the 80’s. Please bring sunscreen and please wear it. If you run out, please borrow some. Reapply as needed.
3. Foot care:  Everyone should be prepared to be in a marching unit. So, BEFORE YOU ARRIVE ON MONDAY… please wear your shoes/boots for several hours on Saturday and/or Sunday and determine if you have “hotspots” on your feet. If so, please take care of them – use “moleskin” where appropriate. The parade route is one mile out and one mile back.
4. Food and water:  Stay hydrated! There is water available at the “Troop Tent” on the Mall, near 7th Street (south of the National Gallery of Art). All of our participants are invited to get drinks and food there. They are free only at that location. If you are marching take a bottle with you before you line‐up.

Duty assignments:
Regardless of commitments made prior to the event, we really don’t know who will be there until that morning. All duty assignments will be made after the morning briefing. Please be understanding and supportive of the mission.

Marching units:
We are honored to again carry the two largest flags in the parade. We will also carry flags of the Allied Nations of WW1 and WW2. Cadet Officers and Top‐3 Cadet NCOs will be selected to lead the teams and they will determine the placement of cadets for each flag team. Units providing 6 or more cadets will be considered for leadership of the flag teams.

VIP Tent Support:
There are several VIP tents that we will be supporting. Cadet Officers and Top‐3 Cadet NCOs wearing their uniform properly and are versed in the CAP mission and vision will be considered for the main VIP tent. Since the number of cadets needed at any of the VIP tents is small (usually 2, sometimes 4) we will try to rotate cadets and senior members around the various locations. You may be asked to deliver food/water to the DV’s. Please be respectful and understand that the DV food tent is for the DVs. You may be offered food near the end of the event. Designated water and snack bars will be available for CAP members at the DV staging area.

Public Information Officers:
PIOs and members with professional‐grade cameras, please contact Lt Col LaPre. Our goal is to cover the event from beginning‐to‐end. Please help us capture the events of the day. A “drop box” folder will be provided to collect the photos. Please create a sub‐folder for yourself and a text file with your contact info.

Overall note:
Do not congregate at the VIP tent areas. The sidewalks must remain clear. The seating in the tents/bleachers is for VIPs. The “Troop Tent” (on the mall) is free and available to anyone in uniform including CAP. The Smithsonian museums are open. As long as you have a wingman and keep track of the time when you need to be present for duty, your time is your own.

Schedule of events:
0930 Arrival Briefing(s) Madison and 7th Street – on the Mall, across from the National Gallery of Art
1100 Lunch and refreshments
1230 Report‐time for Flag‐bearing units, color guards, etc. (Madison Drive between 7th and 4th streets)
1300 Pre‐show (at the reviewing stand – VIP tent “F”) (cadets are permitted/encouraged to participate)
1400 Parade begins
1500 “Moment of Remembrance” (wherever you are… STOP, be silent and bow your head until 1503)
1615 Parade concludes

Parade Release Form:


If you have not completed a parade release form please go to the link above. (NOTE: a login prompt may appear when you open the link, you do not have to login.) PLEASE (1) print the form, (2) ask a parent to sign it (if you are under 18), (3) scan it, and (4) send it to your Squadron/Wing Point of
Contact. Squadron POC’s please collect forms from your members and forward one PDF package for all the folks in your unit. In the alternative, turn‐in the signed form when you sign‐in on Monday.

Maryland Wing: Lt Col Wes LaPre,
NATCAP Wing POC: Maj Joe Frech,
Virginia Wing POC: Lt Col Kimberly Frady,

Required Forms:
CAP Form 60-80 (Cadet Activity Permission Slip)
CAP Form 161 (Emergency Information)

A final note:
Some people you will meet (including military) have never heard of CAP. This is your chance to shine. Practice your “elevator speech” and leave a good impression. Take pictures (except when you are holding a flag) and if you have a good shot… please send a copy to Lt Col Wes LaPre  (301‐717‐3376), you could be credited in our news articles.

Above all, enjoy yourself while you show the public that the future is in good hands – yours!

Wes LaPre, Lt Col, CAP
Incident Commander, Maryland Wing
CAP Project Officer

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