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Robert Ayres National Flight Academy – Class of 2021!!


This is the 31st year for the Robert Ayres National Flight Academy and it’s time to start the application process for the class of 2021.  As with last year, the Robert Ayres Flight Academy will be part of the National Flight Academy Program.  Applicants should review all the following details and comply with all requirements in order to be considered for selection

Each cadet selected (10 will be selected) to participate, will receive up to fifteen hours of primary flight instruction and the complete private pilot ground school.  At the completion of the course, the FAA Private Pilot computerized exam will be administered by a local computerized exam facility to those who show a minimum level of competency to be successful on the test.

The FAA Private Pilot ground school will be held over the course of two weekends in May and June, dates TBD.  Each weekend will start at 1800 hours on Friday evening and will run until approximately 1700 hours Sunday.  The remaining ground school topics and the flying program will start at 1800 hours on Friday July 2, 2021, and will run until approximately 1600 hours on Sunday July 11, 2021.  Sufficient time is allowed to complete the program in the event of inclement weather.  The FAA Private Pilot written exam will be scheduled for the morning of Saturday July 10, 2021

The graduation will be held on the afternoon of Sunday July 11th.  More information will be provided to those who are selected to the program.  To be selected to the school, applicants must be able to commit to all dates.

Selection Process:

A. Cadets – Cadets will be selected based on a selection system which includes the following:

  1. National Cadet Special Activity Ranking
  2. Interview with a Selection Board
  3. Evaluation of Application Packet (see para. 9)

B. Officers – The Activity Director will select and slot their staff based on need from those who apply. Officers who are selected will be contacted directly by the Activity Director.

Minimum Requirements (Cadets):

  1. Completion of the Mitchell Award (NLT 15 January)
  2. 16 years of age (by 1st Ground School Weekend in May)
  3. Completion of Powered Orientation Flights 1-3
  4. Able to qualify for a Class III FAA Medical Certificate (Cadet is NOT required to obtain this certificate until notified of selection to the program but is required to be completed by Ground School Weekend in May)

Apply via the National Cadet Special Activities application process via e-services. 

Cadets must upload all requested documents into the NCSA system. Cadets will need to upload the following:

  1. Letter of recommendation from your Unit Commander.
  2. Copy of past semester/quarter report card with GPA noted.
    1. Home school cadets must provide their official GPA per the standards of their parent school.
    2. GPA shall be on a 4.0 scale.  Cadets on a GT scale shall make note of that on their report card
    3. Cadets who apply who are no longer in grade school will need to include a letter in their application packet stating such with copies of any transcripts of any post high school education.
  3. Resume
  4. Essay stating your reason(s) for applying and how you would use the training if accepted into the program.
  5. Letter of recommendation from most recent Cadet Orientation Pilot attesting to your aptitude for flight training.
  6. Your resume, application, and the personal interview will all be scored to determine selection ranking.

There will be a one-time fee of $800.00 for each cadet accepted into the program.  The fee will be paid through the National Headquarters Cadet Special Activity payment system.  MDWG will not be accepting any payments from Cadets.  Officers who are selected to assist will not be charged a fee in exchange for their assistance with the program.

Cadets who are applying for financial assistance through National Headquarters programs must do so NLT 31 December 2020.


  1. 07 December 2020        – First Announcement
  2. 15 January 2021            – Deadline for receipt of applications in the NCSA Application system
  3. 20 Feb 2021                   – In-Person Interviews at MDWG HQ (Maryland Cadets Only)
  4. 01 March 2021               – Announcement of selections and alternates
  5. 30 April 2021                  – Deadline for submitting proof of Medical Certificate
  6. 14-15-16 May 2021        – First Ground School Weekend
  7. 11-12-13 June 2021       – Second Ground School weekend
  8. 02-11 July 2021              – Completion of Ground School and flight training program.
  9. 11 July 2021                   – Graduation Ceremony

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Lt Col John Henderson, CAP
Vice Commander
NFA-MD Activity Director
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

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