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SATURDAY SESSIONS – November 10, 2018

Aerospace Education

Moon/Meteor Sample Exposition (Lt Col Bob Terry, Lt Col James Williams, Lt Col Charles Roe, MDWG/AE Team):  Real moon rocks!! Does it ever get old? If not, enjoy a detailed examination and update on some new wrinkles in Lunar formation theories. We will discuss meteorites as well and examine some hand samples.

Tip Jet Rotor Helicopters:  Practical at Last?  (Lt Col Bob Terry, Lt Col James Williams, Lt Col Charles Roe, MDWG/AE Team):  Machines like the Avimech DF2S run on very “green” hydrogen peroxide, need no tail rotor, and offer a much simplified control system and easier learning curve for a pilot. We will discuss some of the physics and technology trades in making these a truly practical aircraft.

Cadet Programs

DDR – Relationships with Community Leaders (Lt Col Jett Mayhew, NHQ DDR Education Officer):  How it will help you with you developing a good relationship with your community leaders. It will also open doors to sponsorships, donations and recruiting.

Cadet Conference:

Cadet Commander Roundtable (C/1st Lt Felix Caratini, C/1st Lt Meagan Collins)

Are you a cadet commander in a Maryland Wing squadron? Looking for an opportunity to meet, interact, and coordinate with other cadet commanders? Now’s your chance with this unique session. Cadet commanders are invited to participate in an exhilarating and interactive round-table discussion on various CAP topics. Whether it’s as elaborate as discussing regulations, to as simple as comparing strategies between squadrons, it is an invaluable opportunity for CCs to engage and interact with other cadet leadership. Note: This session is for cadet commanders only.


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C/1st Lt Felix Caratini) 

Interested in drones or UAS? Are you an operator of drones or model aircraft? Take advantage of this interactive and interesting session. Complete with actual UAS aircraft and demonstration flights. If you are interested in learning more about model aircraft and their use in CAP, this class is for you. 


Cadet Incident Command Exercise (1st Lt Josh Klosterman, MDWG Deputy Director of Cadet Programs) 

Are you interested in saving lives and helping your community? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in charge of the rescue operations for an downed aircraft? Come and learn how it’s done! While most cadet training for emergency services focuses on the ground team, you’ll get to be a member of an incident command staff, controlling and directing your ground teams and aircrews to rescue crash survivors. This exercise is for cadets of all experience levels, no matter your current qualifications are. 


Building Strong Senior Member-Cadet Working Relationships (C/1st Lt Meagan Collins, Maj Rachel Knowles) 

Are you looking to rise through the ranks at your home squadron? Confused about what the deputy commander for cadets even does? Looking for some guidance on how to build a good relationship with your senior staff? This course, run jointly by experienced cadet officers and cadet programs senior members, will detail the senior positions that generally work with cadets, go over common situations that cadets may run into and help cadets learn how to build a good working relationship with senior members.  


Becoming an Advocate for Civil Air Patrol (C/1st Lt Abigail Wood) 

Every day, Maryland Wing cadets and senior members serve as ambassadors for Civil Air Patrol. From talking about CAP to your friends to representing the organization on Capitol Hill, all members have to have a good presentation about CAP at the ready. This course will talk about creating an effective elevator speech and how to be a good representative of Civil Air Patrol in any situation. 


Cadet Mini-Challenge (1st Lt Josh Klosterman, MDWG Deputy Director of Cadet Programs)

Come and compete against other cadets, test your CAP knowledge, and see which team comes out on top!

Cadet Programs Update. 
(Maj Rachel Knowles, 1st Lt Josh Klosterman)

Cadet and senior members can come learn about recent updates in Civil Air Patrol cadet programs, and about the plan for the Maryland Wing cadet program for the coming year. Members will also discuss important updates and deadlines to national programs.


Communications Update (Lt Col Mike Starr, MDWG/A6):  Open discussion on the current vision of Civil Air Patrol communications, discussing changes being proposed on the National level and how they will eventually affect Maryland Wing. How can we support your unit or you individually on your communications goals?

Maryland Wing Cloud Services (Lt Col Mike Starr, MDWG/A6):  Demonstration of how to use the Maryland Wing Cloud Services. This is especially important for uploading unit SUI Inspection information, Emergency Services files, etc. We will demonstrate how you can synchronize your laptop to the cloud server and set up permissions to share if needed. Part of the session will be to set up accounts, so bring your laptop to the session for hand’s on setup.


Emergency Services

Maps, Mission and coordinate systems (Maj Michael Zabetakis, Capt Cole Brown):  Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) in Search and Rescue: Introduction to the role GIS plays in Search and Rescue.  Covered topics, What is a map, Types of maps, Coordinate systems, Review of SAR Topo mapping program

CERT and other Disaster Response Qualifications for ES Ground Teams (Lt Col John Johnson, MDWG/A3ED Disaster Services):  A brief overview and discussion of specific disaster response qualifications for CAP emergency services ground teams that are included in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training such as: light urban SAR, damage assessment, mass care, communications, and logistics.

Emergency Services Update (Lt Col Bob Midkiff, MDWG Director of Emergency Services):  An open forum discussion of Maryland Wing emergency services that will include information on upcoming ES training, Emergency Services Academies, and the new Maryland supplement to CAPR 60-3.

CAP finds missing U.S. Army UAS after all other platforms failed (SM Alvin Wilkins, Col Mary S Feik Composite Squadron):  While stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona about two years ago SM Wilkins was put in charge of the search & rescue operation of an Army Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) that broke link with the ground controller and disappear out of radar.  After exhausting all the U.S. ARMY and some other DoD assets in finding this UAS solicited the services of the Civil Air Patrol  to help the U.S. Army find its missing UAS. SM Wilkins has all the story boards of how the entire operation develop since the UAS broken link to the CAP call up and finding.


The 1964 B-52 Crash at Savage Mountain, MD (Capt. Patrick Whang, MDWG Historian): To reexamine the the crash of a B-52 bomber at Savage Mountain, MD in 1964 in the light of primary source documents. – How to utilize various types of sources to tell a historical story.

Nike Missile Base BA-79: History & Restoration (CMSgt Tom Reed, MDWG Command Chief):  Session will cover the history of BA-79, the Nike missile base that is now home to MDWG HQs, and the restoration process and plans



Leadership and Cross-Cultural Team Development (Capt Sung Kwon, Howard Composite Squadron):  By the end of this lesson, the participants will be able to understand leadership development strategies specific to organizational change:  a.   Understand post-industrial leadership team concepts in a variety of situations. b. How to influence and inspire your team to succeed in team leadership.    c.Able to understand the complex cultural dimensions of diverse societies. 


Pilot Meeting (Lt Col Pete Loewenheim, MDWG/A3 Stan/Eval):  Topics to be determined based on issues encountered during the past year and other items deemed necessary at the time).


Public Affairs

Twitter and You (Lt Col Brenda Reed, MDWG Chief of Staff):  How to use Twitter to effectively get your unit’s story across. Come prepared for hands-on exercises


Diversity and Inclusion in MDWG – Successful Recruiting Techniques for Underrepresented Areas (Lt Col Carlos Montague, MDWG Diversity Officer):  This presentation seeks to formally introduce MDWG recruitment goals that support the areas of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) by informing Cadets and Members on the importance of recruiting and sustaining underrepresented opportunities. The presentation will include exercises and takeaways for future reference, along with an open Q&A session that supports MDWG D&I initiatives.



SUNDAY SESSIONS – November 11, 2018

Aerospace Education

STK – Workshop on Interacting with LEO Objects (Lt Col Bob Terry, Lt Col James Williams, Lt Col Charles Roe, MDWG/AE Team):  Here we seek, in an extended workshop with a professional trainer, to explore progressively more ambitious tasks within the STK environment that use known ephemeris files to characterize and study orbiting or even transitory objects. The coupling of these abilities with the JPL asteroid deflection app will also be examined.

The “Space Force” – What’s the read trade space? (Lt Col Bob Terry, Lt Col James Williams, Lt Col Charles Roe, MDWG/AE Team):  In a workshop format we will discuss the physics and technologies of “warfare” in space. What is the nature of the threat and the relative cost of response to it? How does the prospect of LEO or cis-Lunar combat influence the control of space junk? Can effective defense stay within the existing treaty obligations on weapons in space?

Cadet Programs

Cadet Advisory Council Meeting

Honor Guard Interest Meeting

Training Leaders of Cadets – Basic (full-day course)


Commanders Call (Col Joe Winter):  Mandatory call for all unit commanders

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