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Nike Missile Site Restoration Project


Nike Missile Site Activity Day
March 23, 2019
Work day and Guest Speaker

Saturday, 23 March is “Nike Missile Site Activity Day” since we are setting up two activities for the day – a restoration activity in the morning and a guest speaker in the afternoon.

Morning restoration work

For the morning we are looking for volunteers who would like to help Maryland Wing preserve and restore the Nike missile site located at Maryland Wing headquarters. BA-79 (BA stands for Baltimore) was one of a number of missile sites encircling Baltimore charged with the close-in air defense of the city against Soviet bombers using conventional, and later, nuclear tipped Nike missiles. This site is one of the few remaining intact sites leftover from the Cold War days and is in need of some restoration work.

This event, led by CMSgt Tom Reed, the project lead for the site restoration, will concentrate on cleaning off three of the six magazines that make up the site. Start time would be 0900 (or whenever you can make it) and go until around 1230. Lunch would be provided (as long as you like hot dogs, chips and cookies).

Work (and tools needed) will include:

  • removing old metal fencing, (tools required: wire cutters and a sledgehammer)
  • cutting down trees, bushes and thorns from the around the site (bow saws and loppers)
  • scraping off the soil that has built up on the concrete and asphalt (scrapers, flat shovels, & push brooms)
  • Prepping the metal and concrete structures for painting (wire brushes and the like)
  • Painting the metal and concrete structures (old clothes)

Squadrons, this would be a great group aerospace education activity. Hint, hint!

Afternoon Guest Speaker

The second activity will be a talk by Mark Morgan, co-author of the book Rings of Supersonic Steel. He will talk about the history of the Nike missile program and our site as well as answer any questions about the history of our site. The talk will start at 1300 and you don’t have to participate in the morning activity to attend.

If you are interested in helping preserve a little piece of Cold War history or have other questions, please contact CMSgt Tom Reed (

Thanks to those who gave on #GivingTuesday – your support is greatly appreciated.  You can still donate towards the restoration project with the below PayPal link or mail a check to Maryland Wing HQs, ATTN:  Nike Site Restoration, 3085 Hernwood Road, Woodstock, MD 21163.

Your donation to the Nike missile site restoration project
will help preserve a piece of Maryland’s aerospace history.

Just $25 will help purchase tools for site clean up – brooms, brushes, shovels, and fuel for pumping the water out of the silos.

Just $40 will help purchase a pack of shingles to redo the roof on the original warhead assembly building or a can of primer/paint to keep the metal doors and elevators from degrading.

Your gift of $150 will purchase paint for the original pieces and buildings at the site.

Consider helping today – either with your monetary donation or with your time – both are needed!

Or consider donating your time to help with the restoration — contact CMSgt Tom Reed at for details.

History of the Maryland Wing Headquarters

History of Nike Missile Base BA-79 (home of Maryland Wing HQs)

Want to learn more?  Visit our page of websites, videos, and other resources on the Nike missile program and sites.

Nike Missile Site BA-79:  Then and Now (a Maryland Wing webinar on the history and preservation efforts for MDWG headquarters)


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