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Photo of the Month

MDWG Public Affairs Officer Photo of the Month Contest

General Guidelines:  All submissions should have been taken before the last day of each month

Submissions for all categories shall be received no later than the last day of each month.  No exceptions to this deadline will be permitted. The MDWG Photo of the Month will commence on 1 February 2020.

AWARDS:  Submissions are due to MDWG PAO not later than the last day of each month for consideration. Each category winners will be announced no later than the 15th of the month following submission.  The selected photo will be posted on the MDWG portal with credit attributed to photographer.

CONTESTS: Each month,MDWG members will be requested to submit photos covering any one of the following categories:

  • Hometown Pride – Hometown pride themed pictures might take a number of different paths. If your community is known for a products like Smith Island nine-layer cake, Old Bay, blue crab harvesting, agriculture products, Nike missile site, etc., think about having your squadron members featured with that product. If you have a historical landmark or even many historical landmarks, consider a photo that would highlight those places.  If you feel your community stands for particular values or attitudes about life, feature those. If your squadron is involved with community-based volunteerism (e.g. community trash clean-up, assisting elderly community members …).  The results may draw the attention of non-CAP members who also love their community to consider joining your squadron.
  • Generations – The passing of knowledge from one generation to another and the way that each generation will take the place of the previous generation in time is an essential attribute of the Civil Air Patrol experience. This theme focuses on photographers capturing their take on a multi-generational photograph.  This focus area of this category can be more interesting than a standard run-of-the-mill photograph; what if the picture included two or three generations of Civil Air Patrol members, a senior member teaching a cadet a valuable life skill?
  • Time-lapse – Time-lapse photography is exciting and engaging. The time-lapse category is a way for photographers to really show off a place in a way that goes beyond the still image, while still practicing the still image technique that they have perfected. Since fewer photographers partake in time-lapse photography than in all-purpose photography, this contest would draw the most serious photographers. This means that the contest would probably get a lot of great submissions.
  • Mood or Emotion – Capturing moods or emotions open a lot of possibilities.  Trying to capture a mood or an emotion is a good exercise for photographers to do all the time, and the best ones do it very well. This is category can really show off a photographer’s skill not just as a technician but as an artist. The intent of this category is not to go out and capture emotion, but to capture an emotion such as the happiness, pride, or anger of the subject
  • Motion – Dealing with motion is another great assessment of a photographer’s technique. This category will simply focus on specific technique such as blurring motion or freezing.  To be even more specific, the assignment could be to capture aircraft in flight, crew working an active tarmac, etc.
  • Then and Now – The category will require the photographer to dig into squadron historical archives, local libraries, or the internet to find some old pictures of respective squadron and community. The photographer will then take shots of those photo subjects today; and submit both for judging. If the photographer wants to feature technical skill, he/she can try to match the shot as best he/she can.

Please read the instructions below: You can enter more than one photo per month. 

  • The focus of this contest is to promote the role of squadron public affairs while recognizing MDWG Civil Air Patrol activities, respective members, and respective contributions to the community.
  • No Photoshop will be allowed. Digitally manipulating the composition of a single image by moving elements, color correction, and basic adjustments to exposure and contrast is prohibited. Cropping is permitted
  • Each entry must be identified with the member’s name, the submission author, and respective squadron.
  • Supporting photos must be in digital .jpg format with Associated Press (AP) Style (Dateline/caption) criteria. Pictures may be color or black and white. Each submission may include up to two photographs per entry.   Include a concise descriptive caption for each photo.  The following reflects criteria for AP Style captions:
    • AP Style captions should be no more than two sentences.  The first sentence should contain the following attributes:
      • Who is in the photo?
      • What is going on in the photo (in present tense)?
      • The city and state where the photo was taken
      • Attribution for “action not seen.” (e.g. aircraft contributes to Civil Air Patrol search and rescue operation)
      • Date (including the day of the week if the photo was shot in the last two weeks).
    • Names of subjects in the photo should read from left to right.
    • Captions do not always require a second sentence, but if used, the second sentence should put news events in context or say why the photo is important.
    • Example AP caption:  Civil Air Patrol Major Frank Burns delivers his guidance on leveraging unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to support woodland search and rescue related operations, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2020, in Baltimore, Md.  During his speech, Burns advocated for the increased employment of UASs in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. (MDWG CAP Photo / Captain Walter “Radar” O’Reilly).
  • Judging for this award shall be done by a committee consisting of at least 3 members appointed by the MDWG public affairs officer.  Judging and selection of winning photograph will be scheduled in accordance with the current deadline for submitting winning entries. 
  • As the winning entries for each category is chosen, the subject photo will be posted to the MDWG website and social media sites. Winning entries will be announced to the MDWG for awareness by the MDWG PAO.
  • Submissions shall be received no later than the last day of each month.  No exceptions to this deadline will be permitted.  
  • The MDWG Photo of the Month will commence on 1 February 2020; and will continue each month thereafter or until otherwise notified.
  • Any member of the MDWG, Civil Air Patrol may submit entries for this contest.

Submissions must be electronically submitted to 1st Lt Jeffrey Robertson, MDWG PAO,  Each entry shall be identified with the name of the author of the publication and the squadron number (MD-xxx). Submissions shall be received no later than the last day of each month. No exceptions to this deadline will be permitted.

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