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Wing Staff


Maryland Wing Headquarters Wing Staff

  Commander Col. Wes LaPre
  Vice Commander Lt. Col. John Henderson
  Chief of Staff Lt Col. Christopher Howell
  Command NCO Vacant
Safety (SE)    
  Director of Safety Lt. Col. Matthew Cauthen
  Health Services Lt. Col. Chris Hiles
  Mishap Review Officer (Bodily Injuries) 1st Lt Olivia Higgins
Administration & Personnel (A1)    
  Director Lt. Col. Rory Garnice
  Recruiting & Retention Lt. Col Jacob Gerstein
Aerospace Education (A7A)    
  Director Lt. Col. Robert Terry
  External Aerospace Education Lt. Col. James Williams
  Internal Aerospace Education Lt. Col. Charles Roe
Cadet Programs (A9)    
  Director of Cadet Programs Maj David Trick
  Deputy Director Vacant
  Cadet Activities Lt. Col. Laurence Buck
  Honor Guard Maj. Victor Santos
Chaplain (HC) Ch Lt. Col. Edco Bailey
Communications (A6)    
  Director  Lt. Col. Michael Starr
  Deputy DC Vacant
  Licensing Lt. Col. Jackie Fries
  Training Maj. John Pak
Emergency Services (A2)    
  Deputy Chief of Staff, Emergency Services Lt. Col. Charles Midkiff 
  Chief, Emergency Services Training Capt Christophe Marchand
  Assistant Chief, Emergency Services Training MSgt Dave Donohue
  Disaster Relief Chief Lt. Col. John Johnson
  Chief small Unmanned Airborne Systems sUAS 1st. Lt. Mihai Sirbu
Financial Management (A8)    
  Director 2d Lt. Gary Spindler
  Grants Maj. Jonathan Ebbeler
Government Relations (LL) Capt Wyatt Hartman  
Group 1 Commander Lt. Col. John Strong  
Group 2 Commander Lt. Col. Frank Jarosinski  
Group 3 Commander Lt. Col. Robert Thompson  
Historian (HO) Capt. Vanessa Muniz-Medina  
Information Technology (A6I - IT)    
  Director of IT/Information Technology Officer SM James Lai  
  Webmaster SM Jim Mandelblatt  
  General IT Support &
Office 365 / Teams
2d Lt. Anthony Naia (ITO – Harford Squadron)  
Inspector General (IG) Lt. Col. Scott Harris  
Legal (JA) Lt. Col. Phil Walker  
Logistics (A4)    
  Director Lt. Col. Vaclav Konecny
  Supply Lt. Col. Sherry McManus
  Transportation Lt. Col. Vas Konecny
Operations (A3)    
  Director Maj. John Ralph
  Aircraft Maintenance Vacant
  Chesapeake Bay Patrol Lt. Col. Ronald Tucker
  Counterdrug Lt. Col. Christopher Howell
  Operations Officer Lt. Col. Don Ells
  Pilot Development Maj. Martin Sacks
  Special Missions Maj. Jonathan Neumann
  Standards/Evaluation Lt. Col. Pete Loewenheim
  Standards/Evaluation Training Lt. Col. Anthony Vallillo
Plans and Program (A5) Maj. James Holcomb  
Education and Training (A7ET)    
  Director Lt. Col. Mark Kukucka
  Testing Lt. Col. Mark Kukucka
Public Affairs (PA) 1st Lt. Jeff Robertson  
Wing Administrator (WA) Ms. Melissa Colliver  
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