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Cadet Advisory Council (CAC)

Elected by Maryland Wing cadets, the Maryland Wing CAC advises MDWG/HQ, the Maryland Wing cadet programs directorate, and the wing commander on cadet-related matters.


Cadet Advisory Councils have three main purposes:

  1. To provide an organization where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels;
  2. Aid the commanders in monitoring and implementing the cadet program;
  3. Make recommendations for improving and running the cadet program.


CAPP 52-19 Cadet Advisory Council Guide: CACs and their leaders may use this guide as a resource to conducting CAC business. The National Cadet Advisory Council developed much of the guide's content. Several wing and region councils contributed to the project through field tests.

CAC Guide contents include:

  • Role of an advisory body
  • Measures of success
  • Communication & teamwork
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Setting the agenda
  • Conducting meetings
  • Recording proceedings
  • Suggested topics
  • Writing & presenting recommendations
  • Guidance for senior advisors & commanders

National Cadet Advisory Council Constitution & Bylaws. The NCAC Constitution and Bylaws govern NCAC meetings only. They do not necessarily govern Cadet Advisory Councils at lower echelons, although CACs are welcome to use them as a resource.

Cadet Program Management (CAPR 60-1). Chapter 7 of this regulation governs the NCAC and all Cadet Advisory Councils.


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