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Maryland Wing Key Processes and Procedures

Wing-sponsorship of cadet activities, activity request and/or mission number for cadet activities

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Spaatz exam testing

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High Adventure Activities

With challenge being one of the key traits of cadet life, commanders are encouraged to offer cadets youth-scaled, high adventure activities (HAA). HAAs include rappelling, obstacle courses, low-ropes courses, water survival courses and similar endeavors. Short day hikes, compass courses and bivouacs are routine aspects of cadet life and therefore are not considered HAAs.

Unit commanders and activity directors will submit CAPF 54, Civil Patrol High Adventure Activity Request, through the group commander, to the director of cadet programs. The MDWG/A7C will route approvals to the wing commander, and will forward the approved CAPF 54 back to the respective unit and group commanders. A7C will be responsible for maintaining the approved CAPF 54s for compliance inspection purposes.

  • Additionally, the unit commander or activity director will use the CAPF 54 to inform the wing commander on the safety precautions that will be in place.
  • HAAs will be conducted only with the wing commander’s approval using CAPF 54.
  • NOTE: Cadets must obtain written permission from their parent or legal guardian via a completed CAPF 31, Application for CAP Encampment or Special Activity, to participate in HAAs.


Oct 13 Application for CAP Encampment or Special Activity R52-16


Oct 14 Civil Air Patrol Cadet Activity Permission Slip R52-10


Jun 11 Civil Air Patrol High Adventure Activity Request R52-16
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