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Warrior Challenge

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Are you ready to ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE? Compete in the Maryland Wing Warrior Challenge! The Warrior Challenge is a physical and high-adventure competition that reinforces principles of leadership, teamwork, and problem solving. If you want a representation of the 2017 event, watch the event video. If you want a representation of the 2020 event, check out our FACEBOOK!

Events. Obstacle course, line search, PT, leadership reaction course, among others. All high-adventure activities will be supervised by CAP senior members.

Additional Details:

Teams. Cadets will be required to register as whole teams: six cadets and one senior member. The senior member is intended to be the team chaperone. Teams can be composed of members from multiple squadrons.

Logistics. High adventure activities will occur on Gunpowder Military Reservation in Glen Arm, MD. All cadet and senior cadre must arrive no later than 06:45 on 14 October. All teams must arrive no later than 07:15 on 14 October.

Registration. Register and pay by 1 October Register and pay by 1 October via the following process: Teams submit a complete roster using the Microsoft Form. You may have cadets and senior(s) from as many squadrons as needed to make a team. Please coordinate among yourselves to create full teams.

  1. Submit the Microsoft Form as soon as you have a complete team, as we are only accepting the first 5 teams that register. The Form will automatically close once registration is full. Anyone wanting to be waitlisted should email Capt. Higgins - teams will be waitlisted on a first-come first-served basis. 

    We will not accept more than five teams. Any more than five teams will result in this being an overnight activity. 

    Pizza and water is provided and included with the registration fees. 2023 registration is $30 per cadet, or $180 per team.
  2. Submit a CAPF 60-81, 160, 161, and 163 (cadets) or CAPF 160 and 161 (seniors) to Capt. Olivia Higgins at These shall be submitted in a single email in PDF file format. 

    Any non-MDWG members must have their wing commander’s signature on the CAPF 60-81. 
  3. Payment will be conducted via JotForm.

Cadre. Seeking highly professional cadet and senior cadre to aid in running the event. Application forms: Seniors, Cadets. Instructions and deadlines found on the specific forms. Cadet and senior cadre must submit required paperwork, as described below, by 1 October. Cadet and senior cadre do not pay registration fees. 

Complete information is found in our information packet. Please note, there is a large amount of important information in this packet. All participants and cadre are required to read it in its entirety and be in compliance with its contents. 

Please contact Capt. Olivia Higgins with any questions at

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