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Creating a Backup Copy of Your AXIS Training Record

Civil Air Patrol’s Education and Training program will soon transition from the AXIS learning management system to a software called Absorb. As a precaution, members can choose to make a backup copy of their completed eServices and AXIS training. Please see the instructions below to create a backup of your data from the various locations where it exists. 

Note: Any modules that you've started but not completed will NOT transfer. You can complete them now or start them again after the transition.​

Printing Certificates

​In eServices, under the menu topic “Online Learning,” select “AXIS / Learning Management System." Follow each of these steps to access certificates for courses you've completed throughout eServices and AXIS.​

  • First, select “Past Results” in the left-hand menu. Next, in the center of the screen, click the Tab called “LMS Results."​

  1. Then use the "print" or "print screen" feature on your device. 
  2. Results Per Page may need to be adjusted to see all of your results. 
  3. Choose “Print Certificate” for each of the courses for which you want a certificate.​
  • Second, select “Past Results” in the left-hand menu. In the center of the screen, click the Tab called  “AXIS LMS Results.”

  1. Third, click “Courses” in the left-hand menu. Then click the “Go To AXIS” button at the top of the screen under “AXIS LMS Portal."
  2. Once you've logged into to AXIS, click the “My Transcript” Tab
  3. Click the Printer Icon
  4. Click “Print Report Card.” Depending on your printer, you may need to print in “Landscape” format to show all information.
  5. You may use the “Certificates” tab to print any certificates you’d like to retain for your records.
  • Fourth, in eServices, under the menu topic “Education & Training,” select “Professional Levels,” then under “Accomplishments,” click “Professional Levels”:

  1. Enter your CAPID or Name
  2. Use the Select Level selection dropdown to select each Level and Training you’ve accomplished.
  3. Print each of these screens to make a backup of accomplishments.
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