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Summer Pathfinder School
July 30-August 7, 2022


Winter Pathfinder School
December 27-29, 2022





In-person training at MDWG Headquarters on Saturday-Sunday June 25-26 0800-1600

The Maryland Wing will host the June ES Academy at the Maryland Wing Training Center on June 25-26.
We are constantly improving our content and we have redesigned the ES Academy curriculum which now includes 3 core modules:

The GES 101 module: an introductory class for members wishing to get started in Emergency Services

  • Saturday: CAPT 116, CAPT 117, Aircraft Ground Handling, and Flight Line Marshalling Familiarization & Preparatory Training

  • Sunday: Aircrew Proficiency, FEMA IS-26 Point Of Distribution (POD), and FEMA ICS-100  

The GES 102 module: provides hands-on training in Basic First Aid/CPR and ICUT/MRO Radio Operators Training

  • Saturday: Basic First Aid/CPR & AED ($25 fee for certification card)

  • Sunday: ICUT and MRO Radio Operators Training

The GES 103 module: a preparatory class for Ground Operations 

  • Saturday: WMIRS, ARCGIS Survey 123, SARTOPO, Familiarization & Preparatory Training for GTM3, UDF, & MSA

  • Sunday: FEMA ICS-700

We will also be offering the following additional classes:

- Mission Scanner: Sunday 0800 at MDWG
- Domestic Operations Awareness and Assessment Response Tool-User (DAART-U): Online Saturday 0800 (MS Teams link will be sent after registration)
- Squadron ES Officer class: Sunday 0800 at MDWG


Do not hesitate to contact Capt Marchand at if you have any questions or concerns.


Are you looking for help, guidance and support?  We have just the thing.  MD Wing now has an ES Officer Microsoft Team Community to help answer any questions that you may have and support you in your vital role as a Squadron ES Officer.  In addition, at the June ES Academy we will be rolling out a one day class to help new ES Officers learn about how to be an ES Officer, the ES Specialty Track, and getting ES Qualified.


2022 SUMMER PATHFINDER SCHOOL : July 30th – August 7th Test
2022 WINTER PATHFINDER SCHOOL: December 27th-29th

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