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Maryland Spaatz Award Recipients

The General Carl A. Spaatz Award is the highest award in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. The award honors General Carl A. Spaatz, who was the first Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force and the second National Commander of the Civil Air Patrol.

First awarded in 1964, only 0.5% of CAP cadets ever earn the Spaatz award. Maryland ranks 8th among the 50 U.S. states in the number of Spaatz awards earned.

Spaatz Awardees of the Maryland Wing
Award # / Spaatz Recipient / Award Date / Unit

85 Linda L. Osterhoudt 18-Feb-69
95 Lloyd Moroughan 21-Oct-69
172 Raymond T. Hawkins 11-Jul-72
206 James F. Babbitt 15-Mar-73 Prince George's Comp.
207 Anne M. Skebirdis 21-Mar-73 Catonsville Composite
209 Ronald P. Ward 3-Mar-73 Catonsville Composite
231 Howard F. Eisingor 2-Aug-73 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Cadet
281 Kevin A. Parks 29-Jul-74 Towson Composite
337 Randy W. Hosselrode 22-Aug-75 Cumberland Composite
352 Michael L. Smith 17-Sep-75 Middle River Composite
355 Mark P. Hetterly 2-Oct-75 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Cadet
411 William Trail 16-Nov-76 Apollo I Composite
569 Mark A. Kukucka 6-Apr-81 Gunpowder Composite
646 Cindy T. Shanabrook 3-Jun-83 Linthcum Composite
721 John C. Kilgallon 2-Nov-84 Howard Composite
722 Kevin Redman 2-Nov-84 Howard Composite
730 Martin Strittmatter 11-Jan-85 Linthcum Composite
739 Francis Moran 13-Mar-85 Prince Georges Composite
858 Todd Shelton 3-Sep-87 Glenn L. Martin Composite
861 Curt A. Klun 3-Oct-87 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Comp.
968 Kevin Cooley 8-Dec-89 St. Mary's Composite
1021 Tina Lumley 16-Aug-90 Whitemarsh Composite
1023 Michael Britten 21-Aug-90 Apollo I Composite
1025 Wesley Comerer 27-Aug-90 Howard Composite
1031 Richard Benet 2-Sep-90 Frederick Composite
1040 Thomas Single 1-Jan-91
1155 Charles Midkiff III 26-Feb-93
1204 Shawn Fry 18-Mar-94 Wicomico Composite
1221 Roxanne Landesman 3-Aug-94
1271 Tori K. Steinmeier 5-Sep-95 Towson Composite
1291 James A. Iacarino 5-Mar-96 White Marsh Composite
1292 Brian S. Coats 23-Mar-96 Glenn L. Martin Composite
1293 Matthew R. Heusser 23-Mar-96 Wicomico Composite
1298 Gabrielle E. Lutz 28-Jun-96 St. Mary's Composite
1301 Tammy J. Blevins 1-Aug-96 St. Mary's Composite
1304 Alisha M. Cope 7-Aug-96 Howard Composite
1330 James R. Logan 7-Jul-97 Indian Head Composite
1460 Aaron J. Kleiman 22-May-02 Wicomico Composite
1463 John F. Reutemann III 10-Jul-02 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Comp.
1505 Abraham H. Phares 2-Jun-03 Hagerstown Composite
1562 Emily K. Hudson 18-Jun-05 Arundel Composite
1563 Rachel L. Gibbs 18-Jun-05 Carroll Composite
1586 David Wainland 31-Jan-06 Howard Composite
1598 Jacob A. Reed 8-Apr-06 Carroll Composite
1617 Carl D. Bevard Jr. 24-Oct-06 Prince Frederick Cadet
1621 Grace M. Stapf 18-Dec-06 Mt. Airy Composite
1653 Joanna S. Weiss 9-Jul-07 Harford Composite
1655 Syed M. Karim 13-Jul-07 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Comp.
1666 Elizabeth J. Peters 15-Oct-07 Harford Composite
1667 Janice A. Watson 15-Oct-07 Easton Composite
1711 Zachary T. Bowen 31-Oct-08 Mt. Airy Composite
1721 Wayne S. Mowery Jr. 15-Jan-09 Osprey Composite
1737 Victor R. Traven 25-Jun-09 St. Mary's Composite
1751 Anna B. Bladey 2-Feb-10 Frederick Composite
1763 Alice W. Chan 12-Jul-10 Howard Composite
1765 John Brennan 30-Jul-10 Bowie Composite
1779 Shaharazad Purvis 13-Jan-11 Osprey Composite
1789 Todd P. O'Brien 25-Mar-11 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Comp
1792 Sascha R. Maraj 20-Apr-11 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Comp
1806 Robbert J. Olson 11-Aug-11 Calvert Cadet
1807 Elizabeth R. Roberts 11-Aug-11 Harford Composite
1808 Jason O. LaPre 11-Aug-11 Calvert Cadet
1885 Kathleen P. Crockett 7-May-13 Frederick Composite
1905 Christopher J. LaPointe 27-Aug-13 Mount Airy Composite
1915 Eashan Samak 27-Dec-13 St. Mary's Composite
1923 Robert J. Lewis 23-Jan-14 St. Mary's Composite
1960 John S. Rowan 8-Jun-14 Bowie Composite
2052 Emmy N. Hoyt 1-Jul-2016 Col Mary S. Feik Composite
2121 Natalie A. Brace 7-Aug-2017 College Park Composite
2126 Jessica G. Strauss 25-Aug-2017 Col Mary S. Feik Composite
2141 Alexei L. Severnyak 20-Dec-2017 Frederick Composite
2232 Matthew R. Fangio 19-Jun-2019 Arundel Composite
2243 Wyatt J. Hartman 17-Jul-2019 Glenn L. Martin Composite
2301 Rachel Rosenzweig 7-Sep-2020 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Composite
2302 Robert W. Miner 19-Sep-2020 Glenn L. Martin Composite
2307 Aurora Z. Albertson 6-Oct-2020 Mt. Airy Composite
2321 Daniel M. Flanick 20-Nov-2020 Mt. Airy Composite
2328 Xander D. Shoemake 6-Mar-2021 Cumberland Composite
2352 Greggor Hines 17-Jun-2021 Glenn L. Martin Composite

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