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Maryland Wing Field Fundraising and Grants

Field fundraising and grant processing is managed by the Wing's Director of Development.  These documents are worked on by the Development Office for approval by the Wing Commander.


Civil Air Patrol is a nonprofit organization and receives funds from the U.S. Air Force to help accomplish our missions. CAP also relies on contributions to help support initiatives that are not funded by the Air Force, such as cadet special activities, aerospace education workshops, and member training opportunities.

When fundraising, units below National Headquarters will often require a unit fiscal agent letter to provide to the foundation or other fundraising organization.  This letter is sometimes referred to as a unit tax exempt letter or subordinate organization letter and simply states that the unit in question is an administrative subdivision and eligible to use CAP’s EIN and nonprofit status.    

All units may request the letter directly from the CAP Development Office Email requests are preferred.  Please include information on any specific language needed in the letter and distribution instructions.  

If the unit is below Wing level, they must have permission for fundraising activities as required by Fundraising and Donations CAP Regulation 173-4 Fund Raising/Donations para A3(a) (In revision).  The unit request must include proof of permission from the Wing Commander (documented approval is required) before NHQ can provide the unit with the fiscal agent letter.  Wings and Regions do not require approval for fundraising activities, so fiscal agent request letters can be supplied to Wings and Regions without further permission.

For more information, please contact the MDWG Director of Development.

Additional fundraising information is available by visiting CAP's Field Fundraising page.

Maryland Wing Form (MDF) 41


Authority for MDF 41, Supplement 1 to CAPR 173-4

Maryland Wing (MDWG) units will obtain the MDWG Commander's written approval using Maryland Wing Form (MDF) 41, Fundraising Request, before initiating a fundraising project. All required permits or licenses must be identified in the MDF 41 and must be secured prior to the start of the fundraising activity. If all licenses and permits have not been received at the time of the fundraising activity, the MDWG Commander approval will be considered no longer valid.

Fundraising Programs Available for Units



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