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Branding is the image of the organization that comes to mind when people think of Civil Air Patrol. Our brand is shaped by letting people know who we are and what we do. Those messages must be consistent in order to be effective.

Why is it important?

A strong brand is more trusted, appreciated and respected, which affects CAP’s:

  • Attraction to new members.
  • Financial support.
  • Media coverage.
  • Public awareness.

Who is responsible for branding?

Everyone. CAP’s brand must be visible and all members must protect and promote it.

Branding Resources

CAP’s Branding Resource Guide and Branding Master Plan, posted on the CAP NHQ/PA page, provides several simple but powerful ways members can help shape CAP’s brand identity:

  • Ensure CAP is credited in all metadata and photos released externally.
  • Ensure everyone uses the same email signature block, and that it includes CAP's social media links.
  • Build awareness of who we are and what we do through use of traditional media and social media.
  • Print CAP’s elevator speech on the back of your business cards and use this message when asked about CAP.
  • Use CAP’s logos, seals and emblems properly.
  • Present a consistent look, feel and architecture of CAP’s websites nationwide (like this Maryland Wing website!).
  • Link squadron websites to the national site to improve CAP’s ability to be found in Web searches.
  • Use CAP’s national Public Service Announcements (PSA) to help create brand awareness.

CAP’s brand is also built each and every day at the local level by members’ participation in a wide variety of community service activities. Unit and wing PA and crisis communications plans help ensure that public awareness of CAP’s service receives the widest possible exposure.

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